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4 Days of intense art for those who like a challenge
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*23 new Bronze Arts Awards* Camp at CRMZ Widnes *Cuddington Camp in Partnership with Cheshire Rail Partnership * Challenge4Change, Camp with Autistic adults and Young people

*Over £62,000 raised this year by our funding advisors for groups to do artistic projects.*Lower Kersal Young People Group 2014 Camp


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"Extremely impressed about what you are providing for the children here, also thanks for putting on such a good night." Cube night band member

"Thanks for showing your work both young people and artists. Well done for your arts award and keep creating." Angela Chappell Arts Council England

"So much talent of the highest quality. Art Boot camp showing how to engage young people and celebrate talent." Glen Meskell, Curious Minds.

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*Need HELP completing Bronze Arts Award

*More Art Boot PICS by Colin Brothwood


We run 4 day projects for all sorts of groups. Day 1 sees the group going on an inspiration trip to look around art places both inside and out. The group get a lunch out in a place new to them. Days 2 and 3 sees the group making art for their group exhibition on day 4. The group do all the bits needed to plan their exhibition. The participants can also get the chance to try for a nationally recognized Bronze Arts Award. Camps can be held at your venue or a place convenient to you.

The group may choose a particular topic or art form but the big emphasis is on learning from mistakes, building confidence both in art and life and making their own decisions.

We have ran many successful camps in the past 5 years and you can find out a bit about past camps and further info below.

Project Leader Beth Barlow has wide experience of raising funds for groups. A camp costs around £2,000 but If your group hasn't got the money we can work in partnership with you to try and raise some funds.

Sometimes we are raising funds for a cluster of groups to do a project on a specific theme. If you have a specific thing you want to explore through an Art Boot Camp we might have other groups who we could work with to make a bigger project. For example in 2012/13 we got Awards for All money to do a project around the theme of Fear with a group in Salford, a high ropes course in Manchester and a rural youth group.

If you are an individual who has taken part in a camp you will find loads of photos and other stuff from camps below. If you want to add a comment on your camp contact us.

We normally work with groups so if you fancy taking part the best way is to think of a group you go to and get them to contact us. The news flash below gives you info on what camps are coming soon and it may be that you could get involved in one of them. We are also always looking for new ideas about getting people involved e.g. in 2012 we had a private view where young bands got to play their own music.

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