This page will give you information on what you need to complete before your Bronze Arts Award folder meeting. If you get all these bits done you will have less to do at the meeting. If you need extra help before the meeting help you can e mail me at

Step 1 Get yourself a folder where you can keep your work until we give you one at the meeting

Step 2 Think about somebody in the arts who you admire. Get some evidence of what they do, e.g a CD or a print out of some of their art work, put together some evidence to tell us what you have found out about that person.

Step 3 Remember your visit to art galleries with Art Boot Camp. Have a look on the internet to find out about the exhibition you visited. If you need help with remembering where you went click here for a list of your camps exhibition visits. Write or draw about what you thought about the exhibitions. Ask Beth to publise your review here.

Step 4 Remember what you did during your time on Art Boot Camp. If you need to refrsh your mind you can look at the pictures of your Boot Camp by clicking here. Create a description of what you did. This could be in pictures and words or just in words. Write a bit about how you developed your art during the project and a bit about how you develped your skills.

Step 5 Remember the exhibition day of the project and how you passed on your skill to somebody else. Write a bit about why you decided on this skill and how it went. You can print of a picture of you passing on your skill if you look at the photos of your project here.

Step 6 Bring everything you have done to your folder meeting and we will put it all together and make sure that it is all ok.