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Reciprocate 2015-2016

Location:Northwich and East Salford

Commissioners: Arts Council England, Salford CVS, Cheshire West And Chester.

Groups:LKYPG-all ages, Cuddington youth club,Sandiway residential home.

Brief:To explore reciprocation and giving through practical socially engaged residencies.

Role:Lead Artists in Residence.

Products: The Gift Shop where everything is given for free and can be taken for free.

Immortalised Stories where stories of goodness were told in stitch, sound bird boxes and stained glass windows.

The T party where key partners joined together to discuss reciprocation.

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Quotes: " I've never seen anything quite like this. Its Amazing. Clever" Exhibition Visitor

"Going into the shed is like going into a Tracy Emin art work." Charlestown Photographic Group:Exhibition Visitor

"Stepping inside the shed gave me an instant uplift (and I was far from unhappy in the first place) and the effect was enhanced by the beautiful stained glass windows, designed by the young people, which captured the light in a warm and welcoming way. For a small space there is no shortage of things to investigate - and as the project focuses on the idea of reciprocal generosity and giving for the sake of giving – mementoes to take home with you. What followed was a discussion that was arranged so well I think it’s a structure that all people-focused groups should consider copying. " Salford Coimmunity Theatre blogger.

"Beth’s commitment has been great throughout this project and she has been very helpful in creating an exciting and cost affective activity to have at our event.  Beth interacted extremely well with people at the event and everybody enjoyed her activity.  I will recommend Beth to other people and will definitely use her services in the future." Inspiring Communities, Origami Seed Bomb Spin off Project.

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