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Art Seed Taste
Art Seed Taste
RAW Together Consultancy

During Art Seed Taste I have sought and employed Northwich based professional artists to run 33 taster sessions for local residents. The sessions run for 2 hours in non art venues, from working mens clubs to yurts.Participants take a finished art work home with them. The art form chosen is based on the demands and needs of the community. Next up are calligraphy and painting challenge, painting local bowling matches. People taking part have ranged from 8-91. To keep up to date with this strand of the project follow RAWartseed on facebook. If you have a Northwich group who woud benefit from this type of taster menu contact me to discuss.

Transition Northwich
Northwich Bug Hotel
Plastic Fantastic

As a consultant for "Rudheath and Witton Together". I worked with Weaver Vale Housing and Groundwork to organise a summit for 50 local groups. This involved the creation of workshop props which where desribed as "creative, provocative and without the usual corporate look which can get boring." I then went in to work alongside local providers and residents to develop 5 creative solutions to local issues. These ideas were passed by the local commitee and then "The Big Local" and are now being activated in my community as part of the RAW together second phase. Project partners commented "We would have found it hard to get to this stage without you." The project now stands on its own two feet with a community worker whom I'm currenly working with on a "Big lunch" event.

more on the projects progress can be found at

As chair for Transition Northwich I've worked with a commited band of Northwich based volunteers to develop projects which help the community transition from reliance on oil to a more sustainable life. After my year as chair another 2 members were confident enough to step into the role and I went on to co-ordinate "Gifting Spaces" as part of the group. These events looked at how we can create alternative local economies whilst cutting down on waste. The focus was on local developments which can be part of saving our wider world. The group thanked me for my efforts in helping to establish the group saying "We apppreciate the way you have kept us on track, encouraging people to do things with gentle perswasion." More on the group at

I was awarded funds from a 5p bag tax scheme. This allowed me to work with Barnton Community Primary School and Northwich Town council to create a Bug Hotel. The hotel is to now sited Verdin park. A group of SEN childen from the school worked on pencil drawings of bugs. The workshop took them through the process of looking closely to see how many body parts the bug had and then used various excecises to help them draw a convincing bug. We also spoke about why we might love bugs and get over our dislike of them. I Pyrographed the drawings onto a structure which was created in my garage studio. A local farmer from Riverside Organics created the iron work to plumb the work into the ground. The work is due to be installed at the end of May 2017. There is a blog of the project here

If you would like a bug hotel for your outdoor space get in touch. The price of a similar project to the one above is £1,000. If this price is prohibitive I can look to raise funds on your behalf. Blog here.

I was commissioned by The Lions Salt Works to work with Barnton community Primary school to create a series of marine wildlife sculptures from plastic bottles. We spent the first session working with the bottles to understand how they can fit together to create the creatures. In the second session we coloured the works using the wonders of the sharpie pen and cotton buds. Plastic bottles are a current pre-occupation. My over arching aim being to revalue the plastic we find in it making it beautiful or useful. Saving bottle plastic from a possible life in a sea based garbage dump or expensive shipping to be recycled. The work went on show at The Lions Salt Works and Weaver Hall Museum.
Northwich Business Improvement District
As part of bringing vibrancy to the town centre I have worked with BID on two seasonal extravaganzas, providing origami and plastic bottle drop in sessions. As part of a wider group of Northwich creatives I've been working on a leaflet which outlines the regulations regarding creative activities on Northwich's streets. I feel that this strategical work is vital if we are to provide a useful backbone to all our many Northwich efforts. With this in mind I have gone on to work with Cheshire Connect to find an independant facilitator to help us. I am more than happy to work with anybody who truly wants to collaborate on joint projects to make Northwich as creatively vibrant as it can be.

Art Seed: My Motivation

Just over a year ago I made the decision to stop working elswhere and focus my efforts where I live in Northwich. It was a risk. By restricting the places I could work I was by default limiting the amount of work and exposure I could get. I cut ties in Salford after a sucessful Arts Council project and re-ajusted my focus. Whilst Northwich is currently full of unpaid opportunities it doesn't throw up paid creative jobs yet. Things were slow to start but the projects featured below have grown. WHY STAY LOCAL? I believe that if we can focus our efforts closer to where we live we can grow our own communities better. We can stick around to look after things and relationships. Our environmental impact is also a little less. There is a need to survive and thrive here and now, which requires that we build and challenge the exsisting structures rather than just walk away to another place. I can only do this by growing connections with like minded people. The projects below outline how links could grow between myself and your Northwich based efforts. My projects page details past projects which with discussion might transfer to this area. My contacts page gives you all the contacts you might need to get in touch.