Beth Barlow-artist
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Beautiful Things 2010-2016

Location: Manchester,Chester,Salford and Northwich

Commissioners:MMU,Populate and Islington Mill

Groups: General Public

Brief:To explore the value of discarded objects and understand if artistic interventions adds or subtract from value. To explore bartering for art products.


Products: 25 Prints

An ongoing series of boxed objects Value labels

Bartering Rules and Conditions

Artists talk to MMU students Interactive project with MMU Students

3 Installations for selling places

Clothing Range










Quotes:"What will you do with the piece?" Beautiful Things Barter Sheet

"Chance to exchange ideas. I really like your project and the thought that I will become part of deciding what will happen with the buttons and art in the end. Making connections with other artists who enjoy the process of rethinking what happens next is the best bit. We could decide that over tea/coffee and cake.
" Hazel Jones MMU lecturer and box recipient.

"I love the sentiment behind the work. The box is beautiful and I love the drawn buttons.It would be displayed in my home." Exhibition visitor and bidder.

"It would remind me about slow art and counting my blessings, making time to make and be alone and with others. I'd exhibit it next time I embark on my own series ' Encounters and Documents" and i would eventually gift it to somebody else, an artist comrade who needed it more." Exhibition visitor and bidder.


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