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My Motivation

A very cluttered garage/studio space was the first motivation for this project. Items from past workshops,half loved materials and useful useless things had settled in my garage. The swamping of our planet with waste was also at the front of my mind. In 2017 I made a promise to myself: buy no more stuff and make the items already in the garage into beautiful or useful items. Every so often I take a bag of stuff out of the garage. I work with the chosen bag of materials until it is transformed; working with waste no matter how unworkable. The finished items then find a new home. I've come up with a few new ways of getting the made items to new owners. In a shrinking market with less places to show this prooves to be the challenging bit.

I'm interested in different types of commerce and exchange. I've tried to get the items to new homes in different ways:

Traditionalsales-money for goods

Comission-being asked to create a specific work

Gifting-simply giving things away

Donations-asking people to donate as they see fit

The 1%-a more complex chain of gifting. Mission to get products to the 1%. As part of the 1% project participants agree to take 6 pieces of work. They keep the one they like the most and pass the rest on to somebody they feel is richer than them. And so on until, if the winds are favourble, the last work ends up with somebody who is part of the affluent 1%. You can follow the progress of the first set of products through the hashtag #bethbarlowre

Some of the items transformed so far are pictured on this page.


Non planned yet. Check back again.


You can contact me directly with comissions or if you are interested in a particular piece/idea.Here.

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