Beth Barlow-artist
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Liquid 2010-2016

Location:Chester,Manchester, Runcorn and Northwich

Commissioners:Liquid Artists Collective

Groups: Hazard Festival, DAN

Brief:To explore conceptual based art works and advance our practice as part of a group.

Role:Artists and co-founder.

Products: Health and Safety performance as part of Hazard Street Festival

Film and photo documentation of Urban Interventions Toolkit outings

Urban Interventions Toolkit shown at Markmakers exhibition "Landscapes and Boundaries"

Project Blog

Quotes:"The Urban Intervention Toolkit work makes you think. I never considered how restricted our streets were before Beth shared her experiences on this project with us." Markmakers Member

"The exhibition which Liquid held in our gallery took a difficult space and used it to great advantage. The work was interesting and well interpreted. It didn't dumb things down but at the same time used recognisable forms like "paint by numbers" to draw people in. It was very professional." DAN

"Being part of Liquid allows me to work with other artists who challenge my practice and advance it. It gives my whole practive a new rigour. Through our Liquid work we aim to make work which challenges us and our audience. The work isn't always easy but through conversations and telling the story of the work we engage others in debates which advance beyond usual conversations." Beth Barlow


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