Beth Barlow-artist
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Outside My Tiny Frame Of Reference

Location:Manchester and Northwich

Commissioners:Self Initiated


Brief:To explore death and life. Provoked by the death of my much loved Grandmother. Exhibition pieces selected by curator Simon Kennedy for touring exhibition. Currently seeking exhibition opportunities.


Products: Oil paintings

Installation of objects


Stitched collaged works


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Quotes:"Earlier works seem chaotic, confused, even aggressive and at a loss to say anything coherent. Their inclusion pays homage to their vulnerability, frankness and honesty. As the exhibition unfolds we witness the artist foraging for an adequate mode of language and medium. Paint, collage, mixed media and needle work are all duly considered and experimented with. Visual sound bites such as false teeth and humbugs combine with memory fragments to produce works that find themselves teetering between worlds.
Later works appear more lucid, less chaotic, temperate and orderly. In this period the artist was looking to science and Eastern philosophy in an attempt to make sense of her experience. In these works we see the same cells that were hinted at in earlier works (although now more refined) with protons, electrons and neutrons all jostling for an unknown position or order."
Exhibition Curator.

"The mix of Science and Art is interesting to me. I'm not that clued up on Art but I like watching programes on physics so can relate to that in Beth's work." Studio Visitor