Beth Barlow-artist
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Starvation Diet 2009-11

Location:Web and everywhere, The People's Hisory Musuem, Manchester and The Brindley, Runcorn.

Commissioners:Self Initiated

Groups: Practical action, web audience, Halton Schools.

Brief:To explore the inequalities in food distribution in our world. Through resisting food not needed and donating money saved to practical action.

Role:Artist, blogger.

Products: Drop in dress sizes from 16-10

Photographic/film/written works recorded on blog

Mars Bar street performance in Manchester as part of Oxfam event

Sewn T shirt

Spoof Posters

Starvation Diet Project Book

Project Blog










Quotes: "Initial thoughts.... celebrate with chocolate after all you are Hungry! I managed to resist by questioning if i was really hungry and that a person who had no money for food would probably not choose chocolate if they were hungry and had a little money.

I had a panic on the way home as I had to get petrol and go past the tempting rows of yummy crap, calling to me as I try and pay . I get to the pump and can pay there instead of going into the kiosk , it all goes pear shape and I end up having to go past the chocolate . I manage to resist but nearly give in to a pack of soft mints, panic sets in and I nearly lock my pin number on the card .....I almost have sweats by the time I return to the car." Starvation Diet The Next Generation Participant.

"Glad that it is proving to be a thinking exercise." Starvation Diet The Next Generation Participant.

"Beth's Starvation Diet work makes my head hurt a bit but I think that's a good thing." Inspired Responses exhibition visitor.



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