Beth Barlow-artist
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When They Are Gone They Are Gone

Location:Northwich and Chester

Commissioners:Chester Performs

Groups:Odeon Cinema Visitors

Brief:To explore the closure of local cinemas through film and photography.


Products: "I went there but it was closed" animated film

"Teenagers" Animated film

Photography installation

Washing line poll

Film links

I went there but it was closed








Quotes:"This work captures things on the cusp of being lost. Its vital." Exhibition Visitor

"I was more than happy to talk to Beth about my memories of the cinema. Its been a big part of my life. I met my husband here and have worked here for years. The only way it will survive now is in our memories and photos like these." Project Participant from the Regal Cinema

"Beth's two films echo the wider concerns as they stand today but also preserve memories of the places." Exhibition Visitor