Exploring how staying local for the things we need and enjoy can help us tackle environmental issues, condense our efforts and build on a sense of community. 

 As a community artist I started to grow a sense that we were crossing paths . I’d drop in to communities, do my work and leave and another artist would do the same where I lived.  International artist held more esteem than national with local at the bottom of the heap. 

During lockdown we were forced to focus closely on the local and I created several projects which explored this. 

Now I’m wondering how the lessons learnt then might help me stay put and grow something where I live. Can we develop the sense that local has value and get rid of a sense that the good stuff is somewhere else? 


Exploring the impact of throw away plastic on wildlife. The work is currently manifest as a series of sculptures made from plastic milk bottles and oil paintings showing birds who have fallen victim to thrown away plastics. 

Project Garage

A project to turn the unloved items in a garage into usable and lovely items. Changing perspectives on waste and challenging our aesthetic preferences. 

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